Instant contact with your clients

Customer Service is an increasingly important part of a commercial website's operations and the closer you are to them, chances are the more you will sell. View full description


  • Allows you to chat with clients in real time
  • Easy to setup and run


  • Limited functionality for an IM client

Very good

Customer Service is an increasingly important part of a commercial website's operations and the closer you are to them, chances are the more you will sell.

LiveZilla aims to help you achieve this by chatting with your website visitors in real time and therefore allowing you to provide live assistance when help is needed. The advantage is that instead of having to e-mail you -which customers frequently can't be bothered to do - they can instantly ask you and have a response within seconds.

To get started is relatively simple - you just need to upload the LiveZilla client configuration to the server of your webpage via LiveZilla Server Admin. Everything is taken care of via an easy-to-follow setup wizard so there are no technical obstacles to be worried about. Once done, you can communicate via instant messaging with users without installing anything else. They can even use webcams and send files to communicate with you.

The program also tracks stats on visitors arriving at your site, their country of origin and page visits although you'll probably have all of this taken care of by a decent stat-counter service anyway. For your security and convenience, you can also save common questions asked and send answers in one click including the sending of sketches and complex information.

If you have regular customer enquiries and want to be closer to your clients, then LiveZilla is an excellent business solution.


  • Operators can upload folders (Canned Resources)
  • Translation Editor (users can translate the LiveZilla Operator Client / LiveZilla Server Admin and share their translation with others)
  • Pass-Thru parameter 'Question'
  • Group selection box can be marked as hidden
  • The Notification Window (Operator Client) display time can be set
  • Chat Header Background Image (Girl with headset) can be removed / changed

LiveZilla is a self hosted Live Chat, Visitor Monitoring, Helpdesk and Ticket system.

LiveZilla connects you to your website visitors. With LiveZilla you can chat with your website visitors and monitor your website traffic in real time.

Don't settle for conventional statistic tools, see what's happening on your website in real time. Follow your potential customers browsing through your website and gather priceless marketing information. Convert visitors to customers - with LiveZilla!

LiveZilla will streamline all communication with a client (chats, tickets, phone calls), within a ticket that has a organized workflow towards resolution of the client issue.

Regardless what channel your clients prefer, LiveZilla ticketing system functions as a spam-free unified inbox for all questions and concerns.

All kind of communications (emails, chats, sms, tweets, or phone calls) are stored in the system as separate tickets.




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